In 2018, we have expanded the Nails Olympic Show formula. Norway joined us!

 The winners of the nail art category and the technical categories will receive the right to participate for free in the VI Nails Olympic International, which will be held in Poznań on 05-06-07 April 2019.

 The VI Nails Olympic Show is changing the terms for the Nails Olympic International championship. This means that people taking part in Nails Olympic Norway in October 2018 and Nails Olympic International in April 2019 will be able to compete for the title: Grand Master International Nail Art, Grand Master International Pink & White.

Timetable 2018

Friday 19.10.2018

PINK & WHITE competition Nails  Gel  2 hands 150min

  Registration of Participants
13.45   Start of the competition
16.15   End of the competition
16.15-17.00 Jury Assessment  

Saturday 20.10.2018

Gel Polish Manicure 45 min 2 hands

   Registration of Participants
8.45     Start of the competition
9.30      End of the competition
9.30  -10.15 Jury Assessment  

Salon Nails ACRYLIC and GEL 75 min 1 hand

Registration of Participants
11.45 Start of the competition
13.00  End of the competition
13.00  -13.45 Jury Assessment

Stiletto Design 1 hand 120min

13.45-14.15   Registration of Participants
14.15   Start of the competition
16.15   End of the competition
16.15-17.00  Jury Assessment          

Sunday 21.10.2018

PINK & WHITE competition Nails  ACRYLIC  2 hands 150min

9:00-9.30  Registration of Participants
9.45       Start of the competition
12.15     End of the competition
12.15-13.00 Jury Assessment  

Tips Box Mix Media theme: “Wedding ”

Jury Assessment
Jewelry Nails, theme: “Wedding Nail Art” 1 hand 45 min.

Registration of Participants
14.45 Start of the competition
15.30 End of the competition
15.30-16.00 Jury Assessment        

17.00 Award Ceremony

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